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Slides and sample code from a PwnTools class taught at Hack@FSCJ on 2018/02/16 and again at PyJax on 2018/06/12 by Travis Phillips.


  • What is PwnTools
  • How to install pwntools
  • Several modules covered such as log, ui, tubes, elf, core, rop, dynelf, shellcraft
  • Several code examples
  • Fuzzing using the Core File to generate an exploit automatically
  • Bring it all together to make a network based ROP exploit uses a memory leak to defeat ASLR/DEP


PwnTools Hack@FSCJ Slides 20180216 (pdf - 832 KB)

PwnTools Hack@FSCJ Code Examples and Slides 20180216 (tar.gz - 744 KB)