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This page is designed to compile some of the various tips and tricks for tuning the Monoprice Mini Delta 3D Printer, especially for first time users. Most of this information will be a collection of information from around the web; mostly from the MP Mini Delta Wiki or Facebook MP Group Mini Delta Owners group. There will be other sites referenced here as well and I will attempt to credit to the best of my ability.

Software Setup


First Time Tuning Steps

  1. Oiling the Joints and Bearings
    • First thing you will want to do with your printer is make sure it is oiled well.
  2. Belt Tuning
    • An important first tune-ups to do is to tune the belts. This is a pretty straightforward & easy process and helps ensure similar tensions. Out of the box, mine were not tuned the same.
  3. Replace Factory Bed Clips With Dennis Brown's Binder Bed Clips
    • Perhaps the single most important upgrade. This upgrade replaces the factory clips with clips Dennis Brown from the Facebook Group designed. These will mount using nuts and bolts rather than simple push pin fittings and will also use the binder clip to hold the bed down more stable so it doesn't wobble during auto bed leveling. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  4. Find Delta L and R Values that Calibrate the X and Y Axis
    • Next You will want to attempt to calibrate the X and Y axis with L and R values.
  5. Find Delta L and R Values that Flatten the Bed
    • After that, you will want to attempt to calibrate the Z axis with L and R values, without undoing that last step.

Periodic Tuning Steps


Optional Upgrades

  1. Replace Factory Feet with Taller Feet
    • This step will raise the unit up to allow more airflow to the fan in the electronics area for better cooling.
  2. Get a Switch For the Power Supply
    • Reports from users suggest that unplugging it and plugging it back in will degrade the connector over time. A switch can leave it connected but allow you to kill the power.