Introduction to Arduino

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This class was taught at Jax Hax Makerspace on 07/08/2014. This class gives a simple overview of the Arduino with 5 demos totals. Below are PDF copies of the Slides and handouts given from the class.

Slides Cover

  • What an Arduino is
  • What are microcontrollers
  • Why you should care about Arduino
  • Choosing an Arduino
  • Breadboards
  • LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Buttons
  • Fritzing!
  • Arduino IDE and code language
  • 5 Demos with code and breadboard layout photos
  • Shields
  • Where to get parts, tutorials, and ideas

Handouts Cover

  • Definitions
  • Resources


Intro to Arduino slides (pdf - 2.3 MB)

Intro to Arduino Handouts (pdf - 178 KB)