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The JaxHax Makerspace facility is closed permanently. This page left for archive purposes.

700 East Union Street, Unit 2A
Jacksonville, FL 32206

A common question we get from guests and visitors to JaxHax is exactly where we’re at. Most folks aren’t too familiar with the area, and it’s a huge building with lots of tenants, so to help fix this confusion, here’s how to get to us:


Our building is known as the 700 East Union St building. It’s about a 1/4 mile long warehouse off of (coincidentally) 700 East Union St., around the downtown start of the Matthew’s bridge expressway. There’s a gated and non-gated side to the building, and JaxHax is on the gated East side of the building.


Once you’re in the gate, we’re on the second floor in the first door down the building, known as bay A2.

Front door.png