Ethical Hacking Series - 0x01: Methodologies

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Ethical Hacking is a crucial skill to have in your toolset regardless of what path you decide to take in IT and as technology is becoming more and more involved in our lives, it's now more important than ever for information security to be taken more seriously by all sides of the house. As with most offensive/defensive strategies in life, how do you know they work if your not testing them? This FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC class is hosted by JaxHax Ethical Hacker Travis Phillips and will focus on the questions of what is ethical hacking, why should it exist, and provide a methodology on how it is usually carried out by professional ethical hackers/penetration tester and will lay the ground work for future classes in the series which will focus on drilling down into each topic.

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Ethical Hacking Series: 0x01 - Methodologies (pdf - 1.29 MB)