LAB 01-04 - Assessment

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This assessment will be led in the lab at JaxHax You will have 2 hours to complete it. Please do not view the test until you are ready to take it


  • build a machine using the minimal iso from http://linux.jaxhax.lan/centos/6.5/isos/x86_64/CentOS-6.5-x86_64-minimal.iso
  • set up eth0 to come up on boot and not be managed by networkmanager
  • create a group "group01"
  • create a user "user01", member of "group01" with the password "labtest"
  • create a user "user02", member of "group01" with the password "derp"
  • create a user "user03", member of "user03" group, with the password of "outcast"
  • change yum to point at http://linux.jaxhax.lan/centos for its mirrors instead of the ones on the internet
  • update and restart the machine using yum
  • create the following directory tree under user01's home directory:
  • change the ownership of user01's share directory to allow:
rwx access to user01
rwx access to group01
--- access to other
  • change the acl for ~user01/share to allow user03 r-x access to the directory
  • build a script that
-is at ~user01/
-gets a list of the human readable format of a listing of mounted disks and their free space
-dumps its output to ~user01/share/diskfree.out , overwriting the previous output
  • build a script that
-is at ~user01/
-gets a dump of the entire process table with usernames
-displays only lines that contain the non-case-sensative word 'root'
-dumps its output to ~user01/share/processroot.out
  • build a script that
-is at ~user01/
-creates a directory ~user01/test
-outputs standard out to ~user01/direc.out
-outputs standard error to ~user01/direc.err
  • generate a ssh keypair as user02
  • get a listing of partitions for disk /dev/sda and place it in ~user02/disks.out
  • install the centos/redhat utility to configure printers
  • install the elinks package
  • install the package group that gives you 'editor' type packages