Belt Tuning

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The Monoprice Mini Delta is pretty well off out of the box, However, the belts will likely need to be tuned. This information was found on the Facebook Group posted by Dennis Brown and it's pretty simple to do. The design of this printer was nice enough to provide belt tensioners that can be adjusted from the outside of the printer without taking it apart. The adjustment screw for this is in the center of each of the three towers.

Belt Tensioner Adjustment Screw Located at Top of Each of the 3 Towers

Tools Required

  • Smart phone
    • Install a guitar tuner app
      • Dennis had recommended the app GuitarTuna Since it's free and simple to use.
  • 2.5mm Hex Key

Belt Tuning

  • Return the carriage to the home position.
  • Cut power to the 3D Printer.
  • Take your smart phone and fire up the GuitarTuna App.
  • Set it to tune a Standard Guitar to the A2 note.
  • Set your phone on the bed with the microphone pointed towards the tower you are currently tuning.
  • Strum the belt to see if it is in tune with the A2 note.
    • Strumming Tips:
      • Strum the belt that would be on the right side, if you were viewing the tower from the center of the bed.
      • Strumming should produce a fairly clean sounding note. If it makes more of a rattle, you are likely strumming to hard.
      • Strumming from the bottom of the belt (closest to the bed) seems to help.
  • You should see the tone register on the GuitarTuna app.
  • Adjust the tensioner screw with the 2.5mm hex key till it's in tune to the A2 note. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BELT!
  • repeat for each tower.


The belts should now have a nice tension on them and it should also be uniform across all three towers.